elcome to Gary Olsen Motion Pictures. Since Gary is involved in a lot of video projects for cable TV and web deployment, we've created a links page to take you to several of those projects. The list grows with the completion of every new project, so mark this page and check back frequently.

Most of Gary's video projects are collaborative. For example, through his previous position as media developer for the Dubuque Community Schools, Gary was also the Webmaster. He had the distinct privelege of working with great talents... the children, teachers and staff that make up the Dubuque Community School District. Add to this a great outlet for this content, the district's first of its kind cable television channel.

Television is a powerful tool, and a compelling medium with which we can tell our stories. But for you to take advantage of this technology, you must have the appropriate hardware and software. Gary has carefully built upon this creative enterprise. He has his own 800 square-foot production studio with custom lighting, sound, and special effects gear.

Gary also does his own graphics and animations. "That's actually how I started out in television." explains Gary. "I did animations for instructional videos and I always enjoy doing my video's graphic elements."

Now Gary is a full-fledged television producer working on large commercial projects on cable, regional broadcast, and of course a variety of advertising and instructional web-based video projects.

Movie Guide
Gary Has his own YouTube Channel! Click here to view a continually growing list of videos that Gary has produced. Everything from documentary style short videos to instructional and marketing pieces. Gary is a prolific producer, and he is constantly working on video projects. In addition you can view his TV series work.
Gary is working with cutting edge equipment. He shoots video with a variety of cameras from the Sony CineAlta to the Hero3 from GoPro. He even shoots videos on his phone and tablet when the opportunities present themselves. Gary has won every award there is to win in his field of cable television in education. He's won Cable's Beacon Award for his series "Kids in the Kitchen" and he as named a "Cable Leader in Learning," by the cable industry for his production "The Garden Organic."
The Rose Lady of Dubuque Gary met and fell in love with Helen, known as "The Rose Lady," a painter of incredible talent and experience. Before she passed away, Gary got the unprecedented opportunity to film her paint one of her spectacular tableau's on a china plate. The experience is breathtaking. This film played on regional cable for many months and was one of the most popular shows on Mediacom Cable in Dubuque, Iowa.
Imagine taking three dogs from the local animal shelter and in a half hour training them to behave, come when called, and a variety of other behaviors that would make owning a dog that much more wonderful. That's what Robin does in this wonderful series of instructional videos produced by Gary for That's My Dog!
Move! is a film Gary shot for the MOVE program that was adopted by he Dubuque Community School District to give students with special mobility needs the ability to participater in every day activities. It's a story of courage, of creativity and boundless enthusiasm by thos in charge of this program's implementation and the students it serves. You will have an emotional experience watching this video.
The Breitbachs was a personal project, a gift to Gary's parents in-law on the occasion of their 60th Wedding Anniversary.
Looks at Books is an entertaining series of book reports and interviews with children who have read books. The concept of a video book report show evolved out of a project Gary did for the State of Iowa Department of Education. "It turns out kids will do just about anything to get on television including read a book," says Gary.

The Garden Organic is a terrific television show that puts 25 kids (half of whom have never really gotten their hands dirty gardening) into a competitive gardening competition. This is a Channel 19 exclusive produced for Mediacom customers. It's one of several series television shows Gary produces for cable.

Kids in the Kitchen is a nationally recognized show that airs on state-wide Mediacom Television and originates at the Dubuque Community Schools. Sponsors Hy-Vee and several others have combined resources to support this incredibly popular show in the Dubuque area. Real kids, with real food, cooking in a real kitchen with a real gourmet chef. There are even occasional injuries on the set like when Kenny's finger was grated along with the cheese in one particular segment.

A film on how Prescott Early Childhood Center's Positive Behavior Supports Program works in their school is online for you to view. Just completed by guidance counselor, Paula Baumann, and producer, Gary Olsen, the movie is an in-depth tour of every aspect of the program complete with interviews with teachers, parents, community leaders, a juvenile court judge and professionals involved in the management of troubled youth.
Oh Canada! Gary and his pals explore the Canadian wilderness on a fly-in fishing expedition to Lake Sesseganaga, Ontario. Pass the Black Label.

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