elcome to "Oh Canada" the film and photo collection from the studio of Gary Olsen. Only Gary and his friends could go on a fly-in fishing trip to Canada and turn it into an epic adventure. This collection of multimedia includes these photos and three versions of the same movie optimized for your best connection speed.

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The trip was to Lake Sesaganaga, located in the heart of Ontario. Flying us in was Ignace Airways, a top notch facility we've flown with before. This is how terrific our hosts were. Before we embarked on our flight, we were given a homemade apple pie. It was terrific.

We tried some fly fishing this trip, and this is Michael practicing. He was a natural. Gary managed to catch four northerns on the fly rod when it wasn't windy, and it was so much fun. We definitely will bring the fly rods along next time. Incidentally, these are all stills from the film, digitally shot with the Sony DV-CAM Gary brought to Canada.

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Gary Olsen and Dick Claussen prepare to engage in the manly art of fish cleaning. Gary cut himself only once (minor injury). Click on any of these images to view enlargements. Using a jaw spreader on this northern. This guy actually compressed the spreader (see the film). What raw power!
Brian Claussen on the day we got lost. Notice he's oblivious to our situation. And we had GPS!  But on the plus side, we did very little damage to outboards and boats. We did a lot of laughing on this trip. This was the first day when we got caught in a downpour and were soaked to our skivies.  We actually went out to fish on the first day, leaving most of our rain gear back at the cabin. It looked like such a beautiful day.  But it had rained at least a little every day, and the lake was over its banks. We should have known.
A sunset fishing expedition. The lake was a picture postcard wherever one looked. The culinary expertise of the Claussen Brothers, Scott and Brian. These guys could open an restaurant. A menu  favorite... chilecycles.
Like something out of Apocalypse Now, Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen.  After we incinerated the "precooked" bacon, Ed O'Neill was so hungry he ate it anyway. "It's like eating activated charcoal." 
Dick was busy gluing on rod tips. It's a tradition. Our home away from home.
Looks like a cast member in a Robert Redford film.  Walleye fillets on the griddle. Gary shows Dick how pancakes are done.
This time we remembered the map. Packing and moving what we packed was a military operation. This is a walleye. We had to work hard for what we caught this trip. The walleyes were still on the spawn. We got plenty to eat, however, thanks to Gary, Scott and Dick.
Mike O'Neill. Let's go fishing! We purified and boiled all water. It was a daily ritual. Most of us, however, had the opposite of the scoots. E-mail Gary and let him know what you think. Also let us know if there were any performance or compatibility issues with the videos.

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