elcome to the Correspondence Page. I endeavor to answer all the correspondence I receive on a broad range of topics. Not all are related to art as you can see, and I've created this page to display those letters and responses I deemed of special value to my many fans and friends.

Letters Gary Responds
I really appreciate your web site.  It is very informative and obvious you put a lot of time into it.  I have a used Actionbent oversteer with a shock on the rear suspension that I just bought online.  I don't know what model it is.  It has 2 studs for chain guides/idlers, one adjacent to the head tube and the other just slightly behind and below the front stud.  Do you know a source for replacement chain guides/idlers for this bike and what the size may be?  I would be so grateful if you can give me any assistance. -Debra Riedel

I've since sold the Actionbent and purchased a Cattrike Trail tadpole style tricycle. I love it.  In any event, any good bicycle repair shop could probably come up with parts if you would just give them a chance. Save yourself time and consult with a really reputable full-service bicycle shop. In larger cities, especially towns like Madison, WI, there is a place called "Budget Bicycles." They have a complete division of their multi-shop operation dedicated to recumbent bikes. Look them up online.  Because they are the biggest recumbent dealer in my area, I would guess they have all manner of idlers, chain guides and such because they are universal on other recumbent bikes. In fact, my recumbent (and yours) was manufactured in Taiwan, and bicycle manufacturers like Suntour build recumbent bikes and trikes that use the same parts as the Actionbent. Helpful?



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