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Episode 14: Doug the Magician... a pastel demonstration


InitCapADougPaintingfriend of mine approached me at the gallery and was admiring my lone pastel painting I had on display. She asked me if I would do a portrait of her son, Douglas. He was in high school and he was doing quite well for himself as a street magician at Dubuque's famed Farmers' Market. I would see him with his little table doing these amazing card tricks and entertaining passersby. In any event, his mom realized that he's growing up fast, and this chapter in his life was something she wanted to remember. Since I had painted Farmers' Market people many times before, I thought it would be fun to do "Douglas the Magician" in the painting style of my other portraits. But his mom had a different idea. "I love your pastel work. Would you do it in pastel?" So here is the resulting video of this project.


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