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n idea is sometimes a beautiful thing. Take these amazing Shutterfly books, for example. My young pal and neighbor, Brandon Noel, was fooling around with my camera, and asked if he could take some photos of me while I worked in my studio. I was working on this painting called "Hill Street Neighborhood." It's one of my favorite subjects, houses, rooftops, chimneys and a beautiful sky.

Brandon is very creative for an 11th grader. He knows how to compose a photograph. I taught him one thing. Don't put heads in the middle of the frame. It makes people look like Hobbits. Not that there is anything wrong with Hobbits, mind you. But unless the area above their heads is really interesting. just make sure the subject's head is just below the top of the frame.

I looked at the images later that evening, and I was astounded. They were amazing. He shot some video, too, and I have that on our web site and on YouTube. I was so impressed with Brandon's images, I thought I would surprise him by putting them in a Shutterfly book. I had a blast doing it, and I called the book, "The Neighborhood." It's essentially a step-through process in still images of my painting strategy.

So, we offer this book to you, and there is a bonus. Inside the back cover is a DVD of all of our movies shot during the production of this collection and including this painting. All this for the remarkable low price of $25. The price includes shipping. It would make a great gift for an aspiring artist.

Each book is signed by the author. if you wish a special personal inscription on your book, when placing your order, please email me, and I'll take care of it before shipping it off to you.

This DVD contains over two hours of programming from
Gary Olsen's Studio series.
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In my studio I have three strategically placed cameras to capture every brush stroke of several of the paintings I do. Then I speed up the playback (a technique called hyperlapse), and you can see a painting that may have taken me a week to complete come to life onscreen in under 4 minutes. There are always new episodes from the studio so mark this place so you can return and see what's new from Gary Olsen's Studio.

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