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Episode 4: The Courthouse

he majestic Dubuque County Courthouse is the subject of Episode 4 of Gary Olsen's Studio, a special opportunity for you to see my creative process as I prepare my collection of paintings for my one-person show at the Bisignano Gallery at the University of Dubuque's Heritage Center.

According to the Encyclopedia Dubuque, The gold domed county court House was designed by Fridolin Heer and Son, and is considered one of the best examples of Beaux Arts architecture in the U.S. It is constructed of gray Indiana limestone, brick and molded terra cotta. One of the first local buildings added to the National Registry of Historic Places. A key theme in Gary's collection is a celebration of Dubuque's landmarks (running time approximately 6 minutes).

One of my innovations for this series is Crazy Cam!. Actually it's several cameras that I utilize to capture the moment. They include remotely operated boom camera, Hero 3 GoPro action camera, and a wonderfully handy and versatile smart phone camera, All cameras produce high definition video which reveals marvelous details and the video can be sped up in playback which is a key production value of this series. We found that speeding up the playback contributed to the learning experience,

You can be the judge. The feedback we received was all positive. People wanted to see more of this. and I've noticed other artists on the Web are doing similar things.

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