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Episode 3: The Ryan Sisters

><<p class=he iconic cupolas of the historic Ryan Houses as seen from the bluff behind these beautiful 19th Century homes are the subject of this painting. The homes were built by William A. Ryan. According to the Encyclopedia Dubuque, Ryan moved to Dubuque in 1868 to establish a meat packing company and met with immense success. The huge packinghouse located on the levee and Jones Street thrived until 1896 when fire destroyed the business. The house beneath the white cupola is the most elegant example of Italian Villa style design.The architect was Van Osdel, the famous designer of the Palmer House in Chicago, and built by William Andrew and later finished by John Thompson, mayor of Dubuque and a leather merchant.

It's just a marvelous view of this portion of the city, and the architecture is reminiscent of the golden age of wealth, power and growth in the region during the latter half of the 19th Century.

Running time is approximately 13 minutes including a presentation on my color palette and a description of my favorite brushes.


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