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Episode 2: Sacred Heart Neighborhood

><<p class=was inspired by the famous saying about Dubuque, Iowa. "There are more steeples in Dubuque only exceeded by the number of taverns." I have always found that saying amusing, so in a way, this painting illustrates the point. Look down in the left hand corner. Yes, that's a tavern. I loved painting the old Star Beer sign on it. In any event, this view takes in the historic twin spires of the Sacred Heart Church and surrounding houses. The gothic style peaked roofs create an almost rythmic pattern as do the windows. I also love the different hues of the shingles. It is characteristic of a US town that uses asphalt shingles

as a building material. In Europe I noticed all of the rooftops in a single town may be one color, often comprised of orange or green clay tile, a centuries-old method of roofing and one that European buildings adhere to for economic reasons (far more durable than shingles) and historic preservation.

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