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Own a copy of Gary Olsen's The Neighborhood. It comes with a DVD containing over 2 hours of episodes from his series, "Gary Olsen's Studio."
Episode 1: The Hill Street Neighborhood
his is the first episode of the series.The Hill Street Neighborhood was the first painting of the collection and set the color palette, the tone and the theme of the entire collection. The video was shot by Brandon Noel, who is my neighbor. He's still in high school, cuts my lawn and shovels my driveway, but he is also one of the best media producers I've had the opportunity to work with. We also collaborated on a Shutterfly book on the production of this painting as well.

My wife, Linda, saw this movie and said, "The sky paining is the best part. Do more of that camera speed-up thing." She was absolutely right, and now we speed up all the painting portions of the video. It just works. In the third video at the top of the page, I do a CrazyCam! style demo, but later in the show I break out specific things I want to slow down and talk about.

I installed cameras in my studio to record my creative process. I want my videos to be entertaining as well as educational as they reveal the tools of my trade, my creative strategies and my somewhat unique techniques of producing original art.

Running time of this first movie is about 10 minutes.

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