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SuperShot Saturday Picturama
Dubuque Rotary Club members help out with community immunization project at Finley Hospital. Photos by Gary Olsen August 11, 2001

Make future appointments

Did I get my shots? What does this look like you doofus?

Nice toys. Anything in here that takes batteries?

The tiger, no the giraff, no the monkey... can I have all three?


I was promised a Happy Meal.


This won't hurt a bit....


I'm brave.

I'm still brave....

Okay, I'm not brave.

My hero!

Okay, give me a Kleenex.


To prevent kicks and sqirms

Why immunize...?

Let's get this over with.


It still hurts.

Preparing for the next batch

How about you sit here and I give you a needle in your butt?

I'm outta here!

One of our youngest patients

In take

Out take

Could you give me an injection of Rogaine?


Moment of impact

It wasn't so (sniff) bad.

Appointments for future immunizations


Making a gettaway under the table

This better translate into a toy, or something.

Battle ribbons

This is where they shot me.

Brother and sister

Watching Barney in the waiting room

It's not me but my brother who is getting a shot. Isn't that great?


Jan Hemmer offers comfort.

Future ball player

I'll get the shot, but don't show me the needle.

Isn't this Dewey on Malcom in the Middle?

We were making balloons until somebody said, "Latex Allergy!"

Here, this is a dog, no a squirrel, no a lumpy balloon thingy.

A tiny patient

More intake interviews

Just relax


This guy's got a great ride.

Somebody is going to pay.

Can I change my mind?


More intakes

Okay... if you must. But be gentle.

Arms over head while shots go into the thighs.

Moment of impact

I'm over it.

World Wrestling Federation Superstars

Tiny patient held by mom

Paul Hemmer, President of Rotary, with some intakes

Yes, a beverage would be good.

Here's something you might like... a writing tablet in the shape of a monkey with googly eyes perhaps?

Pro Wrestlers

Totally brave.

Mom and mouse lend support

Get my good side.

This will be on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

That's okay champ.

He scores!


Now, where did you get that top? I've been looking all over town for that color green.

The instrument of immunization

The medical team

You are a sweetheart.

Linda Olsen, Paul and Jan Hemmer

A futural NFL Hall of Famer

Okay, what am I supposed to do again? No needles!

Family tableau

I would tie his hands behind his back if I were you.


Making appointments and dispensing literature.

Which arm?

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