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Program Flyer and Tourist Takeaway Black & White
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Cover of Program (2002)

CD Label Cover

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CD Label JPG

CD Label PhotoShop (PSD Layered File)

Welcome to the Jack Jenney Music Festival Logos & Graphics Resource Page for 2002. Below are some logos and further below are some handy photos from the previous year's event which can be used for whatever promotional purposes one needs them for this year.

First of all you should be aware the name of the festival has changed from "Jazz" to "Music." The name change was deemed necessary by planners to widen the options of live acts that are invited to perform. Jazz, of course, will always be a popular part of the program in honor of the Festival's namesake, Jack Jenney, one of the greatest jazz trombonists of the swing era.

Okay, here's how to get your logos from this Web site. The files are below, and all you have to do is click on them to download the appropriate file to your hard drive or disk.

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Black and white graphic in grayscale and JPG format. This is a large file, 8 x 10 inches and 300 dpi. It's a high resolution file and will deploy in your browser just like the logo above. It's ideal for higher quality black and white or one-color printing jobs including small signage.
This logo is 740 pixels wide and 72 dpi. It's a nice smaller sized logo that can be reduced in size but not enlarged. It's ideal for small brochures and flyers in one color.


This is a smaller sized full color logo 6 x 5 inches and 300 dpi. It's good for color laser reproduction.

This is a no shadow JPG file300 dpi, and could have some application in screen printing preparation (teeshirts or emboidery) where the shadow would get in the way or would be uncessessry.
This is a no shadow high resolution graphic which is good for screenprint or emboidery prep. It's in JPG format.

These are the logo pieces for a screenprint separation in the four colors, Yellow, Red, black and white.

Yellow Diamond

White Outline around Letters

Red Box behind Jack Jenney logotype

Black Plate


All four colors are in JPG format and sufficient resolution to bring them into Photoshop and further manipulate them. Some advice... if you print the items in order... yellow first, black last, you pretty much be able to reproduce this perfectly on a teeshirt. The only thing I didn't provide was a total image white base which you may need for a colored shirt. But if you are on a light color, why build up the plastisol and more than you have to?

Memories of the First Annual Jack Jenney Jazz Festival

Photos by Paul Hemmer and Gary Olsen

June 9, 2001, Eagle Point Park, Dubuque, Iowa

Here's an Important Link: (the official Web site for the Jack Jenney Festival). This link will provide you with all the important details of Jack Jenney, the festival, Dubuque, Iowa, and more information is being added all the time. For example, to read the historic coverage of this important first-time event in Dubuque, read the Telegraph Herald article we archived in this site. This page has been posted as a thank you to everyone who made this festival a success, the volunteers, sponsors, and fans. Paul Hemmer and I photographed as much as we could since we were awfully busy with other festival details.

If you want to see the video, it's online, and it's terrific! Click here! This video was produced by Gary Olsen and George Nauman, and it contains the best sound track you ever heard. If you're on a phone modem connection to the Internet, it might take a little time to buffer before it plays, and then, when it plays it may play haltingly. Let it stutter through it's first run, which will cache in your memory. Then, play it again, and it should play smoothly. Trust us, it's worth the hassle. The video requires RealPlayer which is free from Click on the logo above if you don't have it. When you click on the TV screen, you're browser will try to launch RealPlayer, but if it's not on your computer, it will ask you if you want to go to the download center to do precisely that. It's your choice, of course.

Also available from this Web site is access to my personal Jack jenney Archive of images. Any reproduction of these images other than for educational use must be requested in writing. These images are protected by U.S. Copyright laws. Click here to view The Archive.

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If you have photos you wish to share and put in our image databank, then by all means send them to us as attachments to e-mail. JPG (jpeg) format is preferred. Thank you!

Gary Olsen

Have fun and see you next year!













































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